Domestic War


Domestic War I


With truculence, they habitually contended

Over trivia scarcely resolved, constantly babbled

No one knew, but she knew, he knew, all mangled

All certain, their stories flawless, full but garbled

No winners, no losers, all along logic wangled

Nervous stalemates as tempers seethed ‘n flared

Yelling replaces talking, like rap songs blared

Like cinders by fire snared

All on truth’s side, all on lies

All certain their take's most wise


Time to sleep

Time to weep

Brawls to sweep

Under rugs to keep

Problems asleep

Ready for next war


 Domestic War II


War arrives, soldiers to the teeth armed

Abuses hurled, feelings mutual, insults swarmed

Teeth grimly bared, plates tightly grasped

Spoons, forks, glasses firmly clasped

Utensils now at the ready, all weaponized

Children’s safety jeopardized

Innocents needlessly terrorized

One argument

Over spending

Triggers war

All culpable, all guiltless

As weapons fly

Plates smashed

Skins bruised

Limbs slashed



Time to lick wounds ‘n take stock

To wipe the tears ‘n calm the hearts

She crying, he mumbling

Denials galore, kids distraught

Silently wondering on what transpired

He knew not, she knew not, kids knew not

Both realize this state must change

For sacred vows to endure

Silence prevails

Peace on hand

Smiles return

Hugs ‘n tears

Kisses not jeers

No more smears




Wounds heal over, as bruises fast dissipate

Introspection in progress, friends please help deflate

Wars; calmly ponder, reflect and mediate

Goodness, peace, fairness, love to adjudicate

Cooler heads to prevail, fiery hearts to placate

Children’s angst ‘n fears to ameliorate




Time to think


Tempers to shrink

Violence to sink

For the good of vows

To love, all must bow

For peace to avow


Peace and Love


Concede mistakes

None monopolizes truth

Lying to self or others

a mark of insecurity

Learning ‘n letting go

Liberates the soul


Hugs now real

Kisses genuine

Smiles authentic

Perpetual wars ended

Love has again arrived

All freshly revived


©Alwi Shatry, All Rights Reserved.  January 18, 2020

  • Author: Seek (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 20th, 2020 08:21
  • Category: Forgiveness
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  • Nemo

    What a great write ๐Ÿ‘Œ
    Wars destroyed so much around us and inside us.
    Very well described tho ๐ŸŒน

    • Seek

      Thanks Nemo. Glad you enjoyed it. Bits and pieces gathered from acquaintances, neighbors and reading.

    • Goldfinch60

      Super write seek, that peace must always be within us all.


      • Seek

        As always, how good of you to read and comment, Goldfinch60. True, that elusive peace we keep seeking by looking at the wrong places or buying things mistakenly thinking that peace can be purchased. Thank you.

      • Neville

        A compelling read from one end to the other sir... hat's off to thee..

        • Seek

          Although I have no objections to constructive criticism as a path toward my own growth, honest, generous and sincere compliments such as yours cannot but go a long way towards making oneโ€™s day. Thank you kindly Neville!

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