Treasures Told

Tune: Dix

('As with gladness men of old')


Lord, you did choose to reveal

Your Son for our own good weal (well-being)

Though one time to Jews was shown

He was not to Gentiles known

But now world-wide salvation

To all folk of each nation


Gold and frankincense and myrrh

Wise men did on Him confer

Seeing Him Him, though a child

Prophecies had been complied

Spoke of Him as Lord and King

Let all to Him worship bring


Come, so visit His house, for

Wise men did come and adore

Laid their treasures at His feet

Gave Him honour it was meet (apt, suitable)

So to do, for Christ-child He

Saviour of the world would be


Light of the world shining bright

Dispel all of sin and night

Lead us to walk in your way

On to the eternal day

For we know there no darkness

In you, penitents you bless



  • FineB

    Hello Orchidee,

    A lovely write.

    Keep writing FineB

    • orchidee

      Thanks Fine.


      THANKS UNCLE STEVE ~ Were catching up with MPS after a busy day ~ just enjoyed a Haddock & Chips & Mushy Peas from the Chippy ! We found your Carol & Poem equally uplifting. Angela will go back to her MAMA after the News ~ we need our sleep ! There is a misunderstanding about the Magi because many Paintings & CMas cards show them round the Manger with the Shepherds. The BIBLE records they came to the House where the Young Child was. He was probaly 2 years old because Herod to make sure he killed Jesus ordered the massacare of all Jewish Children 2 & Younger. If you read the POEM *Journey of the Magi* *They had a hard time ~ getting to BELEHEM !* Some Members of the *Bretheren* wont send Christmas Cards with Nativity Scenes but send secular ones ~ Baby & Bathwater syndrome. As committed Christians we like to send Nativity Scenes to remind people its not just a Happy Holiday ~ BUT *That its all about The Boy ~ The infant JESUS ~ AMEN*

      Blessings & Joy to You & St Fido !
      Love in the Spirit ~ Angela & Brian

      • orchidee

        Thanks B&A. Oh, I can't stand the Brethren. There's some spooky looking place near us - some sort of Brethren group. It's always locked up when I go by there. What they up to in there? What they hiding from us?!

      • Goldfinch60

        Good write Orchi.

        • orchidee

          Thanks Gold.

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