Peace Not Panic

Tune: St Hugh

('Lord, teach us how to pray aright')


Forgive, Lord, where we worry, fret

Have not trust you full yet

That you provide our daily bread

By you all creatures fed


And things of daily life we need

You shall help us indeed

Guide us to see, nor distracted

From you our living Head


Seeds sown do yield thirty, sixty

Or hundred fold may be

Find our heart as good soil, then grown

Fruit of your Spirit shown


Where we may panic, instant care

Seek to apply here, there

Help us wait your time, lead we pray

What to best do or say


And so your peace we not forfeit

By your word our path lit

Retain that peace the world cannot

Give, 'tis not of its lot



  • Neville

    My first hymn poem for quite a while...and my word, enjoyed despite it feeling like an organ donation...

    • orchidee

      Thanks N. Cooeee, you back?!

      • Neville

        My pleasure.. Not back as such but hope to pop in as often as I am allowed.. Need my wife or daughter to help as my eyes are not great these days...

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      • Fay Slimm.

        Fine hymn-poem Orchi..........

        • orchidee

          Thanks Fay.

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          BRIAN HERE ~ Thanks for sharing UNCLE STEVE ~ Prayer is one of the most important activities for a committed Christian ! We have recently has a special focus on Prayer. We are following a study based on the Lords Prayer. I prefer to pray first thing in the Morning ~ before anything else ! I BEGIN by reading a passage of Scripture ~ then giving thanks and then focussing on a person or Family from the Church Membership ~ the rest of the Prayer follows. I also keep a Prayer Diary noting when people are going into Hospital etc & Impotant Dates in the Church Callendar & National Callendar etc. So if I tell a person (including members of MPS !) I will pray for them I do ! For Me (and Angela) Morning Prayer is an essential. When we are married we will start the Day by Praying & Praising together and then individually ! *The Family that Prays Together ~ Stays Together ~ AMEN !* I also pray in the DAY and in the Evening ! Three times a Day ~ like DANIEL. Thanks for the Hymn & Poem ~ very uplifting !

          Blessings to You & Fab Fido
          Love in the Spirit B & A

          • orchidee

            Thanks Daniel, and Danielle?! Erm, aka B&A!

          • Nemo

            Fine hymn ๐ŸŒน

            • orchidee

              Thanks Nemo.

            • Maxine Smith

              A great write Orchi

              • orchidee

                Thanks Maxine.

              • Fractured Dreams

                A lovely read, I thank you kindly for sharing this

                • orchidee

                  Thanks FD.

                • Goldfinch60

                  Good write Orchi.

                  • orchidee

                    Thanks Gold.

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