Gary Edward Geraci

One Binder


These bound binders bind me.

Bit bothered by the binding,

Tried stacking, blue binders

Of black and white blind data.


Their covers carry crud,

The contents are rarely read,

My colleagues collect them too:

“Not knowing when you’ll need it.”


Shove-shelved in a corner,

A slim slab of shelf marble,

The sill against plate glass,

Unbalanced from the binders.


It’s all on the Net now,

From building dams to Bibles,

Yet I keep these damn binders

As if I’ll some day read them.


What happens in the end

To these binders full of words?

Would I simply read them

Once - retain it to the end.


But here I am blank-bound,

Both binder and bound: to dust.

Dusting of my neurons,

The fate of living matter.


My memory might perish

But soul survives the binder.

Heaven-bound now, I’ll bet

Forever-bound, One Binder!


Gary Edward Geraci

  • Author: Gary Edward Geraci (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 25th, 2020 09:27
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  • Nafest


  • orchidee

    Are they your Memoirs? Can you publish what is in that Binder?! A fine write Gary.

    • Gary Edward Geraci

      Thanks Orchidee! In the case of memoirs (ha, ha, ha - you got me good with that one O), for the sake of the world, a paragraph (passed-over) would suffice I think and only for those habitually interested in reading product labels. I hope that we all will be able to publish our memoirs one fine day (but not according to earthly time, a 24 hour day, as we know it - exactly “what” is a joyful mystery) in our Father’s kingdom where our brothers and sisters in Christ will hang on our every word.

      • orchidee

        Erm, yes, a bit like 'Oh no, the in-laws have returned from their holidays; we well get to hear a blow-by-blow account of every boring detail!' heehee.

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      • Goldfinch60

        I too seem to collect binders as well, they are everywhere!

        • Gary Edward Geraci

          If I could only post the photo here taken from my office cubicle... Thanks for your read and comment Goldfinch.

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