In the UK Winter mine has to be the ROBIN
Red of breast and bob - bob - bobin along !
They brighten up the Garden - deep in Snow
In Essex we can see them everywhere we go !
We always break up icey Pond for them to drink
Warm water in the Birdbath ~ very nice they think !
Some peanuts in the feeder for them & the Sparras
An* bread & fruit & half split open marras !
In my Mums back garden the Birdies come to eat
My fave one is the ROBIN ~ so cute an* so sweet !
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My fave small mammals live in the watter
Stoat & weasel & beaver & otter
But the finest one of these fine three
The Busy Beaver has to be !
He lives in the river bank snug & at ease
But his favourite hobby is felling trees !
He gnaws at the tree base till it breaks
Falls across the River and a DAM it makes !
Slows the river down and forms a pool
A trick he learned @ Beaver School !
Behind the pool he builds a Pen
Which then becomes the Beaver Den !
Hes far more useful than a STOAT
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The time has come I must confirm
I love the wriggly squirmy worm
The good they do’s beyond compare
The wriggly worms are everywhere
Without them soil would soon be dead
And so would we let it be said
The time has come I must confirm
I love the wriggly squirmy worm
(Okay I cheated - it's not a bird or mammal but they wouldn't exist without them)

My own fave BIRD is the DOVE
They come in MAMAS garden every day
Pure white - they speak of PEACE & LOVE
And no one can take that away
Next time you see A Snow White DOVE
Remember to spread Peace & Love - AMEN
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  • Dove

    Soft and cuddly, warm to the touch
    a kitten is like a magical spell
    Makes the soul fly to the moon and back
    And the heart beat, oh so well

    If affection is the best medicine
    Then a kitten surely wins
    Rubbing against your legs
    Produces a big smile and grin

    It’s purr is like a symphony
    Playing in the stage of now
    The notes inspiring love
    A stupendous feeling, yes and wow!

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