Adam Shirley

and I am happy that you are happy

and I am happy

that you are happy

that I've even burned down 

every inch of your liveliness--

in these memories that I've drowned


and I smile at your new love

and wish you the best


because like her I know, that you are different from the rest


I'm over you now, so no one worries about me


because your existence becomes the stanzas in my burdened poetry. 


I do not want to despise, and I do not want to disdain


but how is a fisher supposed to feel gay about a fish he was not able to obtain?


To speak unpoetically-- my heart is just in pain. 


it remembers your voice, grace, and dark hair.

it remembers the day of that vulnerable red stare

it remember the cold, from the calm March night.

and the last time I felt reciprocation in sight


and now, I see no light

all I feel are needles

pinching at my face


the shameful dime of envy

leaves me with a bad taste

I caused this heartbreak. 


I illusioned myself with rigged thoughts. 

hoping I'd think of you less and less

but in all result

eith my hand in your vase trying to steal your heart

but you can't pick pocket a love that already been set apart


that wednesday night

that left me with fright

knowing subconsciously that this--

would be the last of your sight


the last of your eyes

how I wish I could turn back time


and prevent this demise. 


but alas, I digress.


so let me repeat

I think of you less and less

you don't invade my brain

and you don't take up my time

I don't think you're full of grace

and your eyes don't glisten..


they shine. 


  • Michael Edwards

    A fine read Adam.

    • Adam Shirley

      Thank you Michael, you are too kind.

    • Evergreen

      Such an amazing write. You have a gift. Looking forward to reading more from you.

      • Adam Shirley

        Thank you Evergreen, your kind words I take with appreciation.

      • Maxine Smith

        An emotional read.

        Nicely done.

        • Adam Shirley

          Thank you Maxine, I appreciate your words

          • Maxine Smith

            Your welcome.

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