My heart

Full of secrets I can’t tell,

Full of places i can’t go.

My heart is bleading

Bleeding my hopes and aspirations,

Bleeding my future away,

Bleeding from what you did yesterday,

My heart is breaking 

it used to be so full


You made it beat

And now I face defeat

Because you’re gone now

And the lights are off

My hearts in two

And I don’t quite know what to do ,

Everything is dark

My heart used to be so light

My head had the strength to fight

Then the problems I face,

All the hurt had the happiness replaced

Now it just bleeds

The light has drained away


Going, going..


One day my heart will heal,

The light will be so bright, maybe then I will be able to feel,

Feeling anything apart from empty,

Apart from pain,

But it turns out we only have yesterday.

My one day will be my last

And the light I see is just me flying away from the pain of the past.




    ANGELA HERE - Greetings Friend welcome to MPS - Thanks for sharing your first Poem. Beautifully crafted and replete with Rhyme & Rhythm - but alas with a painful subject - Your broken Heart ! Im 31 and have had My Heart broken several times in the 12 years befor I met Brian when I was 28. My Heart has (eventually) mended each time and because of this my Mantra has been - *Better to have loved & lost than never to have loved at all *. One is always wiser after the event ! We are geting married in April which will be the first time for bothe of us - Brian is 36. Finding the right Partner does take time but I Hope & Pray you will find One soon !

    Thinking of you - every Blessing for the Future
    Yours ANGELA

  • Goldfinch60

    Good emotive write. You have many years ahead of you and that light will be found and your love and joy will go on forever.
    Welcome to MPS.

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