This is the boy who who felt he had no choice,

Lost all his self worth, no respect for his voice.

This is the boy who feels lost, full of dread,

Lays there at night wished he die in his bed.


This is the girl who is stood on the edge,

Doesn’t see any reason not to step off this ledge.

This is the girl who looks out down below,

No thoughts in her head telling her not to go.


This is the boy who lay down in the bath,

These thoughts now so natural, greets them with a laugh.

This is the boy who believes he can’t cope,

No light in his tunnel, he can’t find any hope.


This is the girl that can’t see past her pain,

From the feelings that control her she can’t find a refrain.

This is the girl who past today she can’t see,

No way out, no escape, no future can thee be.


This is the boy with the cuts on his arm,

A way to control, in his head there’s no harm.

This is the boy who feels so alone,

Thinks he’s a burden, deserves to be on his own.


This is the person with no will left to live,

With no love left inside them, no more life they can given.

This is the person whose pain we often don’t detect,

But their decision is permanent, there can be no resurrect.



    Too miserable for my taste. That’s okay as long as it has helped you to write it.

    A few typos; don’t go slashing your wrists over it. Overused LOL!

    By the way, welcome to MPS, I’m the asshole of this site.

    • Auxillary

      It is miserable isn’t it.

      • LAWLESS

        It is. I’ve had six suicide attempts, the last one was an extremely close call. I recommend that you don’t contribute to the increasing rate of successful suicides.

      • Auxillary

        I feel you, 4 for me 2 years since the last.

      • melindashriver

        I believe it speaks volumes. For me anyway.

        • Auxillary

          Thank you.

        • Ivory

          This a very dark and emotional piece.
          To feel this way must be so overwhelming. I hope you have been able to pull out from such a dark place.

        • Goldfinch60

          Very heartbreaking write but I do hope that writing words and the support that you will get on this site will help you arrive at a good place in your life.

          Welcome to MPS.

        • Auxillary

          This is a combination of feelings and thoughts of my personal experiences of the last 8 years.

          Right now I’m in a much better place after getting help and talking to people.

          This poem was my way of showing what it can feel like and getting it down on paper helps me to remember that I can make it to tomorrow and there are people who need and love me.

          Thank you all for your comments x

        • dusk arising

          I read your piece and all the comments and replies to date.
          My feelings are much as outlined by Goldfinch.

          I find writing and posting on here most therapeutic. Several here write in a similar vein to you letting their feelings communicate to us and most importantly getting feedback from us. Perhaps a great way of realising people will listen and that you are not alone.

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