Mr. Perfect

Break my shell, I'm a beautiful butterfly
Inside, give me air like nobody else
Cuddle me like your teddy bear whilst I cry
Do not leave me, leave me on the shelf.
Touch me like I'm magic and tuck me in
when I am asleep peacefully with a sleepy smile.
You are not going to treat me like trash in the bin.
Take care of me, I am your girl by a mile,
your special diamond, your loving heart, I am.
Hold me in the cold dark and make me feel loved.
You have got me and you don't give a damn,
about the world. Say: I am your angel from the above
Please take away my pain with your tender embrace
Tell me that you love me with just a smile,
which will bring tears to my sparkling eyes, rolling down my face.
Then I will try to hold back the happy cries for awhile
To say back, I love you too in my happy cries. 

But my bed is cold like my heart,
it is crying and begging for love.
I have not got someone, it's tearing me apart.
For an angel from the above 


  • Goldfinch60

    Once perfection is found what is there left to work towards.

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