You Will Mend My Heart

My heart has been crushed, and my mirror of dreams has been smashed
Into sharp little pieces but I have got to pick them up
Resisting to put them in the trash
So much blood on my hands, the bloody shards painfully I cup.
Everywhere I look pieces of my heart, waiting to be ground into nothing
But it is slow and painful process, it is going to take all of my life time.
People don't understand, they keep telling me to stop gathering,
it is my heart, I will not leave my core on the cold floor. It's a crime
In my ruined mirror I can see the darkness. But in my mind I know
when I get to the Heavens, you will be there.
At the pearly gates, waiting to welcome me into the beautiful show.
And take the fragments of my heart, fix it with care
Of course there will be love, I will feel it again
You can not mend a broken heart without love      


  • Goldfinch60

    That love will be found in Heaven but may love be with you sooner and your heart becomes one piece once more .


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