The Beginning

Another day another night

No other way you gotta fight

A brother slain he took his life

It's not a game it isn't right


It's all a shame we take the blame

They call insane I make a lane 

It's how to deal with all this pain

And now I feel myself again


I break the seal to make a meal

They take the deal and never squeal

I'm sick to death so take a step

Can't catch a breath  no time to heal 


I slow it down then blow it out

My shows are sound  I roll a pound

Then make the flow they take to grow

When at my low  still off the ground 


  • dusk arising

    Have you considered that poetry with rhyming lines one after the other actually limits the words available to express yourself. Freeing yourself up from simple rhyme will increase the vocabulary.

    • Kenjii

      Oh of course I've considered it and I completely understand where you are coming from when you say that, but to me it's always been my style and although it does limit my expression it creates a unique challenge every time I hit the pad that I've grown to really enjoy.

    • Joker Wood

      Cool...kinda like Rap Music.

      • Kenjii

        Thanks Alot for the kind words! I tend to write rap music so most of the time it will be in that kind of style.

      • Goldfinch60

        This works very well in a rap rhythm.

        Welcome to MPS.

        • Kenjii

          Hi Thank You, I really appreciate the fact you enjoyed it and I'm glad to be welcomed!

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