Daydream Believer


A place of safety
Where no thorns creep in to cause you pain
Sunlight dips a friendly smile
Peace once more is gained

Where clouds of grey disperse their unfriendly gaze
Revealing clarity where hope remains
No untoward shadows to peep in and poke
Where your heart can rest easy
And no longer feel broke

Puts your mind at rest
From the trial and tribulations which others like to test
Always a pleasure
Never a curse
Able to lift you out of your worst

So forgiving it can do you no harm
Encourages the fiercest of storms to calm
Solace resides within its embrace
Where your mind can feel lifted
And you will always be safe


  • Neville

    We all need such a special place or places, at least from time to time we do... I certainly have mine....

    a fine reflection... be proud.. N

    • Daydream Believer

      Hello Neville,

      Thank you for reading and I am glad you have yours. As I have mine 🙂

    • Fay Slimm.

      Ah a beautiful word to use in your title and as your subject is Sanctuary - - your lines describe its gifts to us so very well . Thank you too for that final stanza which will stay with me long after the read.

      • Daydream Believer

        Thanks Fay, so pleased you enjoyed this, and thank you for your lovely feedback on my poem

      • Goldfinch60

        We all have a Sanctuary within us and your words show that it is always there.


        • Daydream Believer

          It certainly is Andy, all we need do is look closely. Thanks for reading and the feedback too

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