At Rest


Falling deep, sinking slow,
hard to breath, as this life slips out
Memories flash,
The could, and the could have's. 


A single smile reacuring in all these memories Conflicted with my thoughts,
I questioned my self, 
'' Is it a dream or a reality''

Did I ever live? 
Am I really dying? 

This life suddenly feels like a hazy dream,
So, what happened to us. 

Did we get to meet?
Did we get to love?

Wondering if,

I should have apologized 

Confessed this love. 


Even with my last breath as I sink deep down in this darkness, 
a resistance on my back, and a weight on my chest.
Must be the ocean bed.


warm sensation deep within me

Me in the sea
The sea within me.

What a beautiful sight to die to. With no one one around, 

It's dark, it's warm
And my voice now gone.


My final thought, things finally got pretty clear,

knew the answers to your questions,
And knew exactly, where to steer,


Calmly let go this final breath
Bubbles rising above, felt the warmth filling my chest
As I lay deep down, in a rest.



    BRIAN HERE ~ Thanks NEMO for sharing a great Eulogy. Love the graphic visual ! Your Eulogy is something we can all empathise with because ~ according to the Scientists ~ 120 years is about the max we can achieve ! Im 36 so I consider myself only to be one-third through my max life expectancy ! However ~ because you describe your final thoughts so graphically ~ it made me think about my demise even though its statistically more than 50 years into the Future ! A great Poem

    Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
    Yours ~ Brian & Angela 💛💛💛
    Please check our site ~ Thanks B & A !

  • Fay Slimm.

    Letting go calmly to our last breath dear Nemo will open doorways to more and am pleased that rest is deeply described in this solemn and well written eulogy -

  • Poetic Dan

    I'll be honest it didn't feel at rest just not other choice we must just go down
    With our ship!

    Well expressed, see you on the rock after this ;)

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