My fave Poet is ~ SIR JOHN BETJEMAN
He was born in LONDON in 1906.
He wan an Edwardian Gentleman
Student at Oxford University !
Lover of things Victorian ~ Especially
St Pancras Station ! He*s very famous.
CBE - Knight and Poet Laureate
His Poetry is very descriptive ......
Of Place & Time ~ It gives us a glimpse of
The UK etc. In 20th Century.
My fave poem is CHRISTMAS ~ which captures
Mid 20th Century ~ with its Tortoise Stove
Trams - Girls in Slacks and pre-selotape era!
Perfect Language - Metre and Rhyme Pattern
This Poem is presented as a Blank Verse 7 7 Sonnet ~ OK
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I know that some will surely scoff
but there’s one poet to whom I doff
my hat and clap
a sterling chap:
the poets name is Roger McGough

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high oer vales & hills
When all at one I saw a crowd
Beside the lake - beneath the trees
Fluttering & dancing in the breeze !
Yiu can see the exact spot today
and the daffodils are still there - AMEN !
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The passionate depth of Gerard Manley Hopkins always gets to my soul - with imagery second to none he describes the insides of things and bending poetic rules brings a freshness to the normal and ordinary. Hopkins versing Pied Beauty leaves me in tears and as for The Wind Hover I believe none could better the opening lines on the glory of falcons - --
" I caught this morning morning's minion,
kingdom of daylight's dauphin, dapple-dawn-drawn Falcon, in his riding - - - " Loud applause for this poet's astonishing control of sprung rhythm that lights and inspires minds like mine....

The Address to a Haggis was composed at the Table.
This is the first & last verse in Auld Scots & English
Fair fa* yer honest sonsie face
Great chieftain o* the puddin* race
Abbon them a* ye tak yerplace
Painch - tripe or thairm
Weel are ye worthy o* a grace
As lang*s me arm
Ye Pow*rs wha mak mankind yo* care
An* dish them oot their bill o* fare
Auld Scotland wants nae sking ware
That jaups in luggies
But - if ye wish her gratefu* prayer
Gie her a Haggis !
Fair full your honest jolly face
Great Chieftain of the sausage race
Above then all you take your place
Stomach - tripe - intestine
You are well worthy of a Psalm
Long as my arm !
You Powers who make mankind your care
And dish them out their bill of fare
Old Scotland wants no war*try ware
That splash in juggies
But - if you want her grateful prayer
Give her a Haggis !
Note that Burns was performance Poet so if you
are translating it - it has to Rhyme with Burns meter.
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  • Christina8

    I echo Unsubs vote for Sylvia Plath! I also say that Emily Dickensen is top 5!!!

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