Saxon Crow

Ancient Soul

This rising sun that shines on us

Looked down upon the ancient past

What stories can you tell of us?

What prayers were heard that once were asked?

This silent behemoth that warms us all

No wonder you were worshipped so

But the prayers grow silent

And the wonder fades

Like the waning moon

Our minds turn away

But this burning ember that I am

Still worships you with warmth of heart

Because I know I join my ancestors call

My tribe lives on in the dawn of your soul



    Thanks for your excellent Poem & Meditation FRIEND. Out of the Mouth of Babes ~ Laura Thunberg has highlighted the STARK TRUTH ~ that we have moved far too far away from NATURE and lost sight of HOW NATURE operates ! In essence it is simply applied Biochemistry ! The trees (which are being removed and not replaced) ingest CO2 into their leaves and H2O up through their roots which combine (photosynthesis) to form GLUCOSE (C6H12O6) and OXYGEN (O2). Animals (including Man) breath in OXYGEN (esential for metabolism) and breath out CO2. Thus an equilibrium (symbiosis) is established between the FLORA & FAUNA which enables Planet Earth to be the only LIVING PLANET in the Solar System. The equalibrium composition of the Atmosphere before the Industrial Revolution was 250ppm CO2 & 21% Oxygen. Because CO2 is a Greenhouse Gas (heat trapping) this maintained an average Global Temperature of 15C which maintained the Ice Caps but kept the Oceans Liquid. Because of DEFIORESTATION & URBAN GROWTH and burning Fossil Fuels etc the CO2 is now 420ppm (and rising) and the average Global Temperature 16C (and rising). It seems trivial and Ignorant Leaders like Donald Trump call ita Chinese Myth to supress American Industry !
    Gretas argument is that she will still be around in 2100 ~ when the Population will have doubled and the cumulative efects of Global Warming could render much of Our Planet uninhabitable and THERE IS NOWHERE ELSE TO GO ! Thanks for the issues you have raised in this Poem & Comment. Angela & I are in our thirties so we hope to still be aroung in 2070 and of course we fear for the future of any Children we may have ~ we are getting married in April ! We have both studied BIOCHEMISTRY which is the Key Science to understanding the severe threat of Global Warming !

    Blessings & Peace & Joy to You & Yours
    Love BRIAN & ANGELA 💛💛💛💛💛
    Please check our site ~ Thanks A & B

  • Saxon Crow

    Hi. Thanks for your comment and taking the time to read my poem. It's always interesting how we interpret things based on our own subjective perceptions. My poem was about looking back to the past and connecting to our ancestors. Global warming and climate change had nothing to do with it. Nature takes care of itself. It always has and always will.

    • Saxon Crow

      Thanks lawless

    • Vacancy

      Great poem! I always wonder about how life was like for my ancestors. Wish I had a way to truly see how their lives were.

      • Saxon Crow

        Thanks V. Yeah me too. No doubt a struggle but I do wonder if it would be seen as a struggle as they wouldn't be looking with our eyes.

      • Goldfinch60

        Our tribes do live on within us and if we just stopped and thought back to those times the horrors of the current world would be gone.

        ( I am a 'trekkie' as well, I have all the films and all the series. Are you watching 'Picard' which is on Amazon, new episode every Friday - it is good)


        • Saxon Crow

          Morning Andy. Yes it's true they are in us.

          More importantly, yes I am watching Picard! And yes I am enjoying it as well. Glad to hear you're a trekkie! Watch out for my next poem haha

          • Goldfinch60

            I have a few poems on here referring to Star Trek.

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