Car Ride

In my happy place, where I am meant to be, all of us are here and I feel infinite.

Music blasting and the tune filling our souls, nothing will stop us now.


Going on and on, I am a soaring bird of song.

Off into the horizon see a bridge that I only hope leads to bliss.

Impulsive decisions come with my pumping heart, I could scream mountains and paint stars

New times are approaching and our nocturnal minds feel more alive

Ghosts of our past can’t seem to chase the speed of our car


Time makes us feel like we could be out forever and not age a day.

Open my eyes to the world and let the breeze brush through my hair, untangle me.


Find the road toward eternity and take me to your kingdom.

Aesthetics of you starts to take hold of me.

Leading to somewhere I can’t control, all I see is light.

Life is just too short


  • Saxon Crow

    "I could scream mountains...." Amazing line. I LOVE this poem. Totally faved!

    • Vacancy

      Thanks so much! :)

    • Poetic Dan

      Fantastic stuff.. Ghost of the passed, can't catch the car! Must be why I like the motorbike so much as they can't even get me in the traffic!

      Sing on and be free, I had a great mixture of tunes as your words accompany me.

      Thanks for the inspiration and sharing
      Much peace and respect

      • Vacancy

        Thank you! I've only recently started sharing my poems and love reading the comments and feedback, thank you again :)

      • Neville

        Darn write it is.... and well poemed my friend.... thoroughly enjoyed....


      • Goldfinch60

        Your life is still before you, follow that light and the love of the world will always be with you. Great write.


        • Vacancy

          Thank you, always see the brighter sides of things.

        • Unsub

          Clever & vibrant poem my friend.


          • Vacancy

            Thank you, love reading feedback.


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