Sure Searching

Tune: Franconia

('Blest are the pure in heart')

Psalm 139 v.23-24


Search me, God, know my heart

I sure you know each part

Try me, and know my thoughts today

Help me to watch and pray


Is my heart with intent

Set on your Son you sent?

To be our Saviour and our Lord

And speak your living word


See if there be any

Wicked way now in me

And lead me in the way, it be

Your way e'erlastingly


So settled heart an mind

In you, true peace we find

To know and say and do what you

Show us, things old and new


  • Neville

    the only sure searching I can remember doing, is when my rowboat capsized just off Weymouth.....then I did for shore.... nice one O...

    • orchidee

      Thanks N. That me playing that organ in various clips I post? (nope!).


      Brian HERE ~ COFFEE BREAK and no classes til 2pm ! Love the Tune & Lyrics ~ to be able to be *PURE IN HEART* is one of the many great blessings of being a Christian in the God rejecting 21st C.

      Search ME O God ~ and know MY heart today
      Try ME O Lord ~ and know MY thoughts I pray
      See if there be ~ some wicked way in ME
      Cleanse ME from every SIN ~ and set ME free !

      Great Scripture and a great Prayer for each MORNING
      Start the day right with GOD ~ AMEN

      Blessings & Joy to YOU & YOUR Praising Pooch !
      Love in the Spirit ~ Brian & Angela 💛💛💛💛💛

      • orchidee

        Thanks B&A.

      • Goldfinch60

        Good one Orchi


        • orchidee

          Thanks Gold.

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