i hope

the lovely words that bless me

how i wish i could see what they portray,

my looks are just a black mirror.


these pretty souls do not understand

that i yearn for their visions of me,

because all i see is a wilting flower along a lonely river.


my tears are full of fond people

but taste of salt from endless oceans,

all i crave is the sugar of self-love.


filled with stars and moonlight

i bear this emptiness inside of me,

hoping that one day, i’ll finally give myself a hug.


  • Unsub

    Oh don't worry; someone here will soon tell you that Jesus loves you!

    Don't listen though.

    If your self-loathing creates such great poetry; keep on hating.


    • Brycycle

      thank you haha

    • Goldfinch60

      That love is within you, if others can see it you just need to look deeper within yourself and give yourself that hug.

      Very good write.


      • Brycycle

        thank you, Andy

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