Jeremy Leach


I can tell you want to label me, it isn't a big surprise
As you try to fit me in a slot, to smugly categorize


To feel clever with yourself, removing all uncertainty
Dispensing with the awkward burden of life’s complexity


Keep it all to black and white and 'simples' as they say
Removing all the vibrant hues and subtle shades of grey


A sat-nav symbol of the modern world and what we have become
You’re not clever in anyway, in fact I think you’re dumb




  • dusk arising

    Dontcha just love it when the last line of a piece validates the whole. I don't think i had ever found myself writing a piece to somebody who was too dumb to deserve it.

    • Jeremy Leach

      Yes, my last line was a little cutting - but made me smile writing it !

    • Maxine Smith

      A super write.

      Loved the message.

      Loved the flow.

      Nicely done.

      • Jeremy Leach

        Thank you very much. I do actually truly feel this with people sometimes. People are desperate to tell you that you are XYZ.

        • Maxine Smith

          Your welcome and I hear you.

          Very well said.

        • Goldfinch60

          There are those who try to fit us into slots but as you said they are dumb, we all have our own shapes and sizes so no slots can ever be made for us. Good write Jeremy.


          • Jeremy Leach

            Exactly Andy, thank you.

          • Saxon Crow

            I love this! Being a nonconformist conventionalist i believe we should not have labels..... Oh bugger! Great read :)

            • Jeremy Leach

              Ha ! Thank you. I know it's deep-rooted human nature to want to label and simplify but it can get on my ..... :)

            • Poetic Dan

              O my days this has been my life and sadly my sons but those don't last when we filp the a thumb, because we know we ain't dumb it is there reflection....

              Inspirational stuff! Your style is fantastic, I hope you from China and made out of plastic lol

              Sorry couldn't help it!

              Always appreciated
              Much peace and respect

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