Aa Harvey

Paradise Gone

Paradise Gone



Sun is shining, weather’s cold;

My broken soul will not let go.


I am dead whilst you still live;

How could they just let this be?


Save me please from everything,

That they have sent to hurt me.


I do not deserve this, please;

I only want to live.


Atheist, didn’t believe, is now heading for Hell.

Aargh this place is scary and what the Hell’s that smell?


Is that a corpse? My God, my God;

I’m buried with the dead.


My God, my God, my head, my leg;

They shot me in the chest.


I see myself, my broken shell,

Just lying in the dirt.


In limbo is where you will find me;

Before I find out what I deserve.



(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.


  • dusk arising

    Your writing today brought to mind the dying thoughts of a young soldier. Unsure of his faith and of course unsure of life after death.

    There are no answers for any of us and your words amplify this.

    A very strong write from you today.

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