All we need is one push

to fly over the edge..


And we are tumbling down 

behind the setting sun

beneath the crescent moon

We are tumbling down

into an endless chasm

Where the falling stars live

and the broken roots grow

We are going down



into the inky abyss

Where darkness breathes life

into our shuddering bodies

and encases our limbs

like smooth satin

welcoming our souls home

We have always been 

creatures of the night



  • dusk arising

    I really like this one. "Where the falling stars live" is a particularly good line.

    This really has great flow.

    • xeina

      Thank you so much.

      • dusk arising

        Now go and have a laugh at the piece i posted yesterday please

      • Saxon Crow

        Enjoyed this poem very much. I could feel the descent into the stars. Brilliant!

        • xeina

          Thank you Saxon Crow. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

        • Goldfinch60

          "Where the falling stars live" is a wonderful line as even in that 'inky abyss' light can be found so as creatures of the night you still have light around you. Good write.


          • xeina

            You can find life even in the darkness, my friend. Thank you for your comment.

          • Seek

            With satin to cushion my fall, the thought of the end may not be that intimidating. Thoroughly enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing.

            • xeina

              Don't forget the stars! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading.

            • Dove

              Darkness below seemed almost endless
              And scary But if greeted by velvet smoothness and fallen stars
              Then who wouldn’t let themselves fall
              Excellent poem!

              Smilez! Dove

              • xeina

                Thank you, Dove!

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