An addict


I am an addict of pain
With each puff, I slowly fade
The pills I pop, have changed me within, 

My mind out of control, my body at its Brink
It's not just making bad choices, it's so much more
Trying everything I find, hoping it would last a bit more, 

Only really there, when totally unaware
These drugs have crept into my veins,

coldness is in my heart
restlessness is in my brain. 


  • Poetic Dan

    This is me.. I've puffed all my days, in my 30s shrooms come to play....we all need to find out own self medication and then try not to abuse it!

    Great write!

    Always appreciated
    Much peace and respect

    • Nemo

      True, everybody needs an escape from this hectic life.
      Thank you for reading my work 🌹

    • jono175

      Excellent, well write.🙂

      • Nemo

        Thank you 🌹

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