The Other Side

There is a world I cannot see

but I know it lives,

It breathes a life of its own,

yet it's invisible to our naked understanding...


It lights in between love and hate,

as it exhales our evening contemplation

from a nocturnal expanse,

awaiting to sign off this preternatural wing

from our signature song,

where we are all determined to go...


  • 🐤s.zaynab.kamoonpuri🌷😸

    I like to think this touches on the hereafter and afterlife. Whatever it is about its an awesome muse and a poem written superbly. Kudos.

    Pls Pleez do read and comment my newest poem too.

    • Gino

      Thank you so much s.zaynab.kamoonpuri. I will take a look at your newest poem

    • Saxon Crow

      Very good write

      • Gino

        Thank you Saxon Crow

      • Goldfinch60

        Where we are determined to go can be a mystery to many people. Good write.


        • Gino

          Thank you Andy, I appreciate your comment

        • dusk arising

          Here you show us the human belief in another existence without touching the religious rhetoric in which many minds have become embedded.

          An air of peace and security surrounds the faith revealed in this writing.

          Top notch stuff.

          • Gino

            Thank you so much dusk arising for your comment

          • LIGHT WARRIOR

            Nice always get ypur message through in such a limited amount of words..i can't do that..i am a wordy ass bitch. Lol..anyway..i was away for several months I got your message and phone number and I am definitely interested in hearing more about your publishong experience amd maybe some direction
            You and many others are absolutely right.i just do something more w my work..i have lost south work in the past due to theft and other anomalies ..thats why i decided to start using this site so that I would have a devent body of work available that cannot be taken from me.amyway.i will contact you soon. 7753155831..thatts my number so I will know its me calling when I get around to it finally

          • Gino

            Thanks for your comment Jason. Yeah having your work published is an awesome accomplishment, as I know many readers will enjoy your talent...

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