The Illusion of Now

Saxon Crow

I tried living in the now, once long ago

And the future is something unseen and unknown

That moment of time described by Tolle

Was a fashionable truth bought and then sold

You see all that we have is the past and no more

We can’t live in the now or predict what’s to come

These are distractions from the things we should learn

A trick of illusion we cannot discern

Forever we strive for a future we want

But always fall short of the things we should know

Look to the past, that’s where the future lay

Where natural harmony was so common place

We knew who we were and our purpose was pure

But in this day and age our lives are unsure

It was all so simple back then in our past

Our needs were more blatant, our lives less obscure

I don’t say it was easy but at least we would see

Our main focus of living was not based on greed

We relied on each other, one family, one tribe

We looked after each other for the whole to survive

My heart lives in the past because it can’t dwell in today

My hopes for our future rely on yesterday

So this illusion of now will never touch me

Because it's the years long ago that will set us free

  • Author: Saxon Crow (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 2nd, 2020 09:59
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Saxon Crow

    Thanks Dove. You said it my friend it encompasses what we have KNOWN, not what we have now.

  • dusk arising

    Playing devils advocate here.... how useful is the past? What do we actually learn from the past. How to kill people more efficiently?

    But you are right, we hardly own today and tomorrow is just a hope.

    • Saxon Crow

      Im talking way back. Before the Romans when britian was tribal. Killing was for a justified reason (if there is such a thing)


      Awesome work here.. Although i do believe in living in the now..but your write reminded me that reflection on positivity from the past is a wonderful tool to use when we discern our decisions in the now..the future should be a surprise..not planned never goes our way if we try to do so...there is nothing wrong w lo g as it doesn't result in apprehension to move forward in the now..but all in all..great piece..enjoyed

      • Saxon Crow

        Thanks Jason, appreciate it. The point i was trying to convey was that in todays world we are becoming more distant with ourselves and our balance with nature. We focus on what we want rsther than what we need. In order for a harmonious future perhaps there are answers in our distant past


          Yeah..i got that..and it was brilliant

        • orchidee

          A fine write Crow. I got me own problem. I never see 'tomorrow'. By the time it gets here, it's 'today'! Hmmm. lol.

          • Saxon Crow

            Tell me about it. But as soon as you think that its already in the past! It makes my head hurt!

            • orchidee

              And - I took so long finding out what Carpe Diem meant, that by the time I found out there was not much day left to seize. Such is life! lol. I am in some deep philosophical book, not that I grasp much of it. Erm, one thing said 'We are living beings'. Can't argue with that! That's about all I have understood from it so far!

            • Neville

              A somewhat compelling post and certainly enjoyed by me....

              • Saxon Crow

                Thanks Nev. Much appreciated

              • Goldfinch60

                Looking back into the past certainly shows a simpler life where people communicated with each other in a more meaningful way.
                Our past has led us to what we are now be it good, bad or indifferent but I am happy with my now.


              • orchidee

                You there 'now' or were you there 'then'? Is it today or tomorrow now? I'm a confused laddie! lol.

                • Saxon Crow

                  Ill see you tomorrow and we can talk about today as if it were yesterday!

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