His Masterpiece

Her skin a blank canvas

Smooth and paper white

Her story is written within, he can tell by the look in her eye

Tell-tale signs within the lines on her face

The scars on her skin, draw a life before him

A life, from this moment, he will erase with no trace. 


His eyes devour the possibilities before him

Oh, how she is ripe for his creation

He lays her down, the four poster their easel

His eyes, they take her in completely

His fingers, they draw lazy patterns upon her skin

His way of warming up he says as she alights within

Eager now, he paints his love. 


Every brushstroke, every cleansing dip into her liquid abyss

They begin to create His Masterpiece

Confident now, he penetrates deeper

His brush, a sensual stroke against her page

His mind lost in creation; he moves in the only way he knows how

His Masterpiece

Oh, how she unfolds underneath him. 


It’s magnificent

She leaves her own mark, half moons of fingernails run parallel down his back

The shapes they create, shading each gasp

His eyes lock onto the colour exploding beneath him

Deep hues of passion red and lovely gold entwine

The look in her eye as his brush sweeps through the wilderness one last time. 


In awe and in love

A final brushstroke, gentle to complete

He takes a step back

Ecstatic and consumed

He signs his name with a kiss.



  • dusk arising

    Love what you've done here. Truly artistic poetry. Frame it LOL.

    • Clara

      Thank you! Just playing around with different ideas 😊

    • Neville

      A captivating tale and poemed so perfectly... tantalising even...

      Should ya ever consider modelling again, give a bell.


      • Clara

        Hi N, thank you for your kind words! I'm pleased it had the desired effect!

      • Alan .S. Jeeves

        You paint a vivid picture here, Clara, I think it will take a while for the paint to dry. The artist has chosen his pallet of colours carefully to bring out the very best in his subject.

        Kind regards, Alan

        • Clara

          Thanks Alan. Just playing around with different ideas and ways of penning 'erotica'

        • orchidee

          Glad someone (or two) is having fun! lol.

          • Clara

            Haha thanks O!

          • Goldfinch60

            What a wonderful artwork in your words Clara.


            • Clara

              Thanks Andy, just exploring different ways of writing 'erotica'...

            • Audax

              You truly have a way with words. Never give up on your talent and always follow you heart!

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