Butterfly Daughter

As I float from day to day 

You could see the colours you made start to fade 

I can only imagine the strain on your heart 

From something,you nourished right from the start. 

You helped me grow into the most beautiful creation that I could be

Although I could never really fully see

Not a day went by where you would not remind me.


 My wings were clipped and I struggled to fly

Only you both could hear my silent cries 

So you took me away to the sky as we soared above way up high

We set down in Albufeira

Just the three of us together.


Time spent to reflect on why I shouldn't let me wings be wrecked 

Such beauty they hold as they unfold
can touch so many emotional souls

However ,all I can do is offer my light and hope it turns the darkness into sunlight 

If not,I know I tried my very best to change the way but there is only so much I can offer & then i have to get on my way.


I hope it fills you with great pride 

knowing that your love and nourishment was my very own light that got me through those dark nights.


So as I glide from day to day 

My wings are strong and I am back where I belong. 





  • Saxon Crow

    Beautiful poem.AM. Welcome to MPS 🙂

    • angmaria

      Thankyou very much ☺️

    • Goldfinch60

      Wonderful write Angela and I am so glad that your strength has returned giving you the power to move onward into your life.
      Welcome to MPS.


      • angmaria

        Thankyou so much for your kind words ☺️!

      • Neville

        tis what parents do... a delightful bit o poetry my friend.. tis also good you were able to recognise the fact and record it …..


        • angmaria

          thankyou again for your kind words , yes this was a gift I gave to my mum n dad for Christmas , it came from the heart wanted them to know I am well and strong:) thankyou x

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