dream bigger


I hate you so much

I trusted you with my heart, but that’s my fault

I knew who you were, but took the chance

I thought I saw the light in you, but you slammed that door tight


You broke me

You gained my trust, then played me

You blame yourself for everything except for what you did to me

You paint yourself as the demon to hide that you really are one


I trusted you so much that I never saw it coming 

I never saw how you never really cared

I never saw the demon in your eyes as you pulled on my heartstrings 

I trusted you so much that I was blind


Then came the fall

It was drawn out, then swift and deadly 

A stumble at the end of a marathon that left me empaled on your knife

But you painted the picture that I was the demon


You still haunt me when I’m in a dark place 

Your memory begging me to return 

You left a small hole that turns into a gash when I think of you 

A hole that may forever stay empty 


Now I cry when I’m alone; 

In the shower, in my room

You left me a mess, but I know you are just fine

I think about you every day, but I’m sure I never cross your mind 


I’m sure you would say that nothing happened between us 

That we were hardly friends,

But for anyone that knows me, they know it was bigger than that

But you knew too didn’t you, because you asked and I told 


The worst part is, after all is said and done,

After I am left crying in my room,

There is only one person I want to hold me:


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