Strategic Goodbyes

Strategic Goodbyes


Here where we both


Overcome and empty

Spent as cartridge shells

And discarded  

Upon a deserted beach


Where even gulls are silent


Where only wind now

Scythes these sun-bleached

Shoreline grasses


That once served as a

Shield from prying eyes

And glances

Here where strategic lies

Were told

And you did overcome


Desperate fear of dying

That though

Was long ago when lives

Were cheap as chips

And scarcer

Than your kisses ever were


I remember cold lips

Pressed hard  

Against eye lids and cheeks

Surely now

There can be no turning back


That once special place

Nor yearning  

For that would make a mockery

Of every one of our previous goodbyes ..


  • dusk arising

    Not only do i hear that chill wind blowing through your words but i can feel it across my back and it brings a shudder to my easter monday evening.
    I'm unsure of what i have read and the meaning therein but it's effect was quite pronounced.

    It is a dark piece and today i don't want to pry.

    Once again your talent lifts off the page with effect. Could have done without the shudder.

    • Neville

      Too bloomin kind you are DA but always greatly appreciated... thank you my friend


    • Fay Slimm.

      You create such scenes of emotive saga with this ballad of strategic goodbyes - - how many times fate draws curtains on previous endings as beaches cover poignant memories - - -slowly your lines sketch pictures of long ago helpless experience left as dead with no going back. So cleverly intriguing again Nev.

      • Neville

        Your review comments are so encouraging my friend, they read like poetry, from beginning to end...

        Bless you Fay and truly...


      • Goldfinch60

        That special place is there for us all and we will meet there one day.


        • Neville

          Now ya talkin…. am gonna go and tell a friend a little bird told me that... Cheers Andy sir


        • orchidee

          A thoughtful write Neville.
          Erm, I not quite got the hang of it - I'm placing strategic goodbyes - here a goodbye, there a goodbye. I sound like Old MacDonald on his farm! You seen Old Mac lately? I will shut up now! lol.

          • Neville

            Nevertheless, you are thanked … indeed all visits are appreciated..


          • SerenWise

            Such a beautiful emotive write, well done

            • Neville

              Thank you .. Your visits are always most welcome....


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