But we didnt think it would start this way

No big crowds ~ there was just our Folks

No Spain Honeymoon ~ No Best Mans Jokes

No Bridesmaids ~ No Feast ~ All swept away

We*ve been Married a Month today !


Our Marriage has been ~ quite a role reversal

Im cookin* an* ironin* ~ washin* with Persil

While ANGEL is out at work all day

Keepin* Old Covid 19 at bay

This is for real ~ not a Dress Rehearsal

Our Marriage has been ~ quite a role reversal !


We*re in a Pandemic ~ and nothing is normal

Our Wedding was cool ~ and very informal

I work in the Garden ~ such wonderful weather

And we will self-isolate ~ closely together

To all BORISES RULES we are very conformal

We*re in a Pandemic ~ and nothing is normal


We*re two Happy Bunnies ~ in our own little Hutch

A chance to discover ~ why Love means so much

Im quite enjoying the *House Husband* role

With Tony & Amy and Body & Soul

We dont need no support ~ We dont need no Crutch

We*re two Happy Bunnies ~ in our own Little Hutch !


Thanks for visiting comments please Love Angela & Brian πŸ§‘πŸ€πŸ’™   


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  • Published: April 21st, 2020 02:10
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  • dusk arising

    Well now it's your turn to have exceptional stories to pass along to your offspring. Stories of mum and dad's romance during WW2 will be all too familiar to us older poets. Covid 19 may well be considered to be a world war too. Keep good notes about these days for in the years to come you'll be entertaining folk with stories.


      BRIAN HERE ~ Thanks DA pleased you appreciated our presentation. There have been many Poems on MPS inspired by COVID 19. I will keep them as a reminder for the Grandkids in 2065. We need some Kids first. In 2083 I*ll be as old as Captain Tom an* *Walk on ~ Walk on ~ with a ZIMMER* but I doubt I*ll ever be *Top of the Pops* & Michael B wil be partaking of Glory !

      Love ~ Peace & Joy
      Brian & Angela πŸ§‘πŸ€πŸ’™

    • orchidee

      A month? Does time fly when you're enjoying yourself? Nothing swoony in reply, please! heehee.
      You a stranger to Ajax, as the saying goes?! Aww, you deserve it, waiting that whole year too!

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        Thanks Uncle Steve ! Living alone or with anither Bloke ~ one does learn a thing or two about houshold chores. I even have a pair of Marigolds ~ a Scientist (and a Young Lover !) has to be tactile ! Even Charley CORVID cant cast a shadow on our happiness ~ and Borises SIX FOOT rule does not apply to Spouses ! ANGELA loves having a House Husband and she loves my Cusine and choice of Wine ~ as long as its Rioja. The Rose is best with Beans a la Toast ~ Heinz of course ~ We*re not peasants ! White with Pilchards & Red with Chedder ! My Special Sausage Cassereole at the Weekend !

        Blessings & Joy to You & Your Blue Pencil Bulldog
        Love in the Spirit Dr & Mrs Williams πŸ§‘πŸ€πŸ’™

        • orchidee

          Oohh I can't afford Heinz beans. 85p in one shop. An own-brand store has same size tin for 21p.

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        • Christina8

          I never got to congratulate you on your wedding vows!! Congrats!!!!!! I know that it's not the typical wedding you had imagined......but it's the love that counts.

          • ANGELA & BRIAN

            BRIAN AQUI ~ HOLA CHRISTINA Como estas ? Long time no see ? You will understand our dilemma ! Becuse I am a Deacon and Angela & I are the Youth Leaders in an Evangelical Church ~ There was no way we could move into our New Home without being married ! So we had no choice but to go ahead with Just our Parents & The pastor as witnesses. We had sent out a present list (mainly things for our Home) and they all came in even though there was no Wedding Ceremony or Reception ~ that will be in April 2021 on our First Wedding Anniversary ! We will also have our postponed *Luna de Mela* in Sevilla ~ so Angelas Relations can see the Dress and we will have a belated Nuptual Blessing in the Catholic Church. Angela is not a Qualifieqd Nurse so she cant work in ICU. Because the are fewer opperations she works on the Orthopedic Ward (to release a Nurse for ICU) and also two days in the Physio Clinic for Patients recovering from accidents etc. Thankfully she is not in Direct Contact with Patients who have tested positive for COVID 19. However just being in the Hospital puts her at risk. I am a House Husband & Gardener & Painter & Decorator. How are You & J & The Kids ? Have you gone back into Nursing. Please let us know !

            Bendiciones y Paz y Alegria
            Abrazos y Besos por Tu ~ con Amor
            Tus Hermanos en Christos ~ Brain & Angela
            How is your Weather ? Sunny here 20C = 68F !

            • Christina8

              I have applied for a job but it's been so long......covid 19 isn't much of a problem in my part of Michigan, it's a huge problem in Detroit though. We are all doing well. I have started going through the process of getting a kitten (and believe me, it's a process----they should vet foster parents as well!!) for my daughter, and maybe myself too, lol!! I keep busy at home with the spring cleaning and gardening and being there for my daughter who has online school for the rest of the year.

              Abrazos y besos por tu con amor----tus hermanos en christos---Christina and J
              The weather is cold......45 F!!!!!!!!! Yuck

            • Goldfinch60

              Getting married in these Strange Times was certainly different but married you are and that is the most important thing. Your life together will be wonderful no matter who is doing what, sharing your life a one soul will be so meaningful.
              Keep well


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