As I sit here,

Reflecting in isolation,

I realize something profound: silence is peace.


  • dusk arising

    Yep !


    Angela here - Hi Silk Seduction - Thanks for your Poem - Short & Very Sweet ! Love the visual - Like my Wedding dress !

    Silencio es de Oro - Silence is Golden
    Paz es de Plata ! - Peace is Silver !

    On Saturday & Sunday when Brian & I stroll in the Lanes near our New Home it is so so Peaceful. Little or no Traffic or noisy groups of Poeple & Teens. However Nature is not muted and the abnormal anthropogenic silence amplifies her beautiful melodies. Leaves rustle - Birds Dance & Sing - Cattle low - Sheep baaaaaaa - ducks quack and raindrops pitter-patter. We do now have time to stop & listen ! Even (with less pollution) the Stars are shining brighter - AMEN ! *We say to ourselves - What a Wonderful World*.
    Thanks for your very Positive Ode - reminding us that *Every Cloud - even COVID 19 - has a silver lining !*

    Blessings to YOU & YOURS with Peace & Joy
    Abrazos y Besos con Amor de Tus Hermanos
    Hugs & Kisses with Love - From your Brother & Sister
    Angela y Brian 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  • Goldfinch60


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