Prayers In Perils

Tune: Southwell

('Lord Jesus, think on me')

Psalm 57 v.1-3


Be merciful to me

Lord, do my troubles see

In shadow of your wings I trust

I who am small and dust


Here will I sure abide

Here my refuge, I hide

Until these troubles have passed by

I still shall know you nigh


I to the Lord will call

God most high over all

He does for me all things perform

I safe through each life's storm


He shall from heaven me aid

I trust in Him, am staid

He shall from reproach, snares save me

Mercy, truth to me be


  • Goldfinch60

    Where was god for my Joyce!!!

    • orchidee

      I know. I go on merrily writing though. One could 'hide' under hymns in a way, at times, just expressing 'general truths' I suppose David and other Psalm writers had their troubles too, as in this Psalm.

    • Mil57Man

      Beautifully done.

      • orchidee

        Thanks Mil.

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