dusk arising




Unfaded desires
haunt the light
of dreams.
Strange, desires
for a future
familiar yet
never arrive.

Does it cease?
this dreaming.
Or carry on?
a mockery.
Days fail.
So what then
is the secret?
What drives
our dreams
to carry on?

is certainty,
desire, a plaything.
What are dreams?


  • orchidee

    The dreams that never come true - dreaming I'm not singing! lol.

    • dusk arising

      Surely that would wake fido, does he whimper in his slumbers with paws twitching?


      GOOD AFTERNOON ~ DA Brian Here. Thanks for reaturing Fotheringay (1970 -71) ~ Great period for Folk-Pop - Simon & Funkel The Byrds - Fairport Covention - Bob Dylan - Joan Baez Everly brothers etc etc. Oddly enough the Fotheringays reformed in 2015 - 16.
      Dreams I guess are due the sub-conscious becoming the conscious while we sleep. My dreams are primarily focussed on a distorted view of the Past featuring people & Places I remember but I always wake up short of my destinations etc. However I would rather Dream than not Dream. Angela works so hard in the Day she seems to sleep at peace with herself & the World. We werre born in the 80s but our Parents tell us that music was less frenetic as the Rock & Roll 50s & 60s morphed into the 70s & 80s apart from PUNK ROCK ! In retrospect We prefer the Ballad Singers like Dean Martin - NKC - Jim Reeves - Elvis etc. There is only Tony Bennet left ! Great Tunes and you can both hear & understnd the lyrics. We love Jazz & Classical - but RAP leaves us a little confused ! Thnaks for sharing.

      Peace & Joy to You & Yours
      Yours Brian & Angela 💛💛💛

    • Neville

      you pose a very interesting question in todays fine offering..

      You also have a fine taste in music sir.. Fotheringay were a great band and what a voice Sandy Denny had.. I actually saw her play the evening she fell down the stairs... we were in fact neighbours …

      • dusk arising

        Sandy Denny is a loss to the music world indeed. Who knows where the time goes?

      • Goldfinch60

        Dreams are the joys that we wish for in our awakened lives.

        Love the video, great group.


        • dusk arising

          Great poetic answer but.... not really answering the 'why' of it.

        • Eugene S.

          As elusive and unfathomable dreams are, do artists and poets not always try to capture them in words and paint? To make them true? I think they help us to see.

          • dusk arising

            If we could create them through will i'd agree but i'm asking in my post... what are they for, not what do they help us to see. But hey, thanks for commenting i appreciate it.

          • elsiewarrenswords

            nice poem!

          • mohangupta.suresh@gmail.com

            I strongly believe dreams to be an ‘alternate reality’ or maybe I am living my alter egos dream, but neither match up to your poetic essence.

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