Left me here to Die

When I opened the door I never realised I was letting the devil inside.

Face of an angel, lips so soft and gentle.

Hypnotising eyes all dressed up in a delightful disguise.

Touch so soft and tender

Gifting words of pleasure in equal measure.

Combing my thoughts with future tales of us

If only I had known when I opened the door the cost id pay For the decision I made that day.

For she was not all what she seemed.

Behind the pretty face lay an ugly heart.

Behind those eyes was the thought process of deceit and lies.

Her touch now like razor blade to the skin.

If only I new then how my time with her would end.

Words so empty and hallow

A Bitterness that is hard to swallow.

Months of being your little play thing.

Your little puppet hanging on your word string.

Broken now left on the living room floor to cry.

Not sure why you knocked and then left me here to die.


  • Goldfinch60

    Good emotive write, it is such a shame that there are people out there who are like this.


    • Angela1711

      You think you know someone but you never really do. Thanks

    • Bragee

      Nicely written.
      Deceived and abandoned.

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