Michael Edwards

Comical Couplets (3)


I pay my own way and take my own hits

I’m not like the Royals on benefits.


  • orchidee

    You seen any of that ยฃ2.4m Harry and Meghan owe us?! Maybe they gave it to Branson - he needs help you know! Doh! Is Miss Berles a debt collector?

    • Michael Edwards

      I doubt if we will ever see it - especially now they've turned their backs on us .

    • Fay Slimm.

      Ouch - many a truth spoken in jest Michael - we wonder about the result of that final line when the throne becomes empty again.

    • dusk arising

      Pah... finances.... humbug!


      Ah Uncle Mike ~ Skipping again ! Papa turns a blind eye while MAMA show concern ! It was ever thus !
      Angela & I dont need an Accountant ~ YET ~ but the Royal Finances are a minefield ! In my opinion (especially when one takes Tourism into account) I think - financially - we at least break even with the Royals. Dove (from California where Harry & Meghan are based) make the Point that they do in fact *OPEN* lots of things !

      Blessings to You & Yours
      Love Brian & Angela ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿค๐Ÿ’™
      Please check *Things we believe in* Thanks

      • Michael Edwards

        Opening things is real hard work that benefits the country - mmmm! Do we break even? Do they really contribute to tourism? If they didn't exist would tourism really suffer? I guess it's three nos from me.

      • myself and me

        Me too. Cute creature jumping.

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