Close to where we now live is a Woodland Area. Normally - in the Spring we would have guided Woodland Walks - guided by those who have volunteered to conserve it under the guidance of the Woodland Trust. The display of BLUEBELLS - in the Sunset is breathtaking !  It is a haven for other Wild Flowers & Trees - Birds - Mammals - Insects - Fungi etc etc. Such Areas are an important part of the English Heritage and need to be preserved and protected and protected against Vandalism & Urban Development !


B LUEBELLS are opportunistic & ephemeral flowers

L ove to appear in Spring to grace our bowers

U nlike other flowers - she takes her chance

E specially when the competition*s scance !

B LUEBELLS thrive - when there are gaps - in canopy above

E xploit the sunlight to create - the Bluebell Show - we love !

L ovely in shape - in colour & in size

L akes of shimmering Blue - captivate our Eyes !


Thanks for visit comments welcome Love Angela & Brian πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›


Angela & I love Bluebells and we have an area at the bottom of our new Garden - under the trees. When I doing an Open University BSc Degree there was a Unit on ECOLOGY.  I chose *Bluebell Zonation as my project. It examined the factors (such as sunlight - competition - trees etc) which influenced growth. Some of these are mentioned in the Video.   



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  • Published: May 2nd, 2020 02:43
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  • orchidee

    A fine write A&B.
    We have a bluebell wood nearby. Can only walk the perimeters now, as overgrown tracks.
    But another wood has bluebells in places.
    On of our (five) guinea pigs is Bronze Bluebell - has a bronze patch on her side. Aahhh!


      Angela here - Good Evening Uncle Steve - BLUEBELL great name for a G Pig ! Pleased you enjoyed our presentation. Bluebells are very precious and a lake of shimmering lake of Bluebells in a wood is always an integral part of the English Sprng.

      Blessings to You and Your Petulant Poodle !
      Spiritual Love Angela & Brian πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

    • ForeverJesus6

      This is a nice piece. I live in Dania, Fl, where it is full of nature preserves (mostly mangroves). To be honest, I am not sure what bluebells are. I would however like some bluebell icecream (haha).
      Persistence is key

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        Angela Here - Pleased you liked it DION. I think Fkorida is too sub-Trooical for Bluebells. They are beautiful and produce lakes of Shimmering Bhue in Woodlands. See FAYs Poem *BELLS* today.

        Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
        Love Angela & Brian πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

      • Joker Light

        I'm quite attracted by the picture of the Bluebell and watching the video, it is like something that I didn't get to experience for quite a while. At the workplace, the culture (language, food, community, and all) is very...local (even there is someone who agreed with me on this). So, I go things differently when I'm not there...because I don't go that way. There were a few times when I felt like I was pretending to be something that I'm not for being there. Well, some things are like...necessary. Anyway, cool video...I really admire it.

      • Fay Slimm.

        A most interesting video on one of my favourite spring flowers along with your verse on bluebells and our native heritage. Thanking you dear duo.

      • Edward Charles McDevitt

        Nice Acrostic!!! If you check, a lot of my poems are in that style. I enjoyed it immensely!

      • Gary Edward Geraci

        Lovely poem - the display of these flowers in your poem sound as captivating as the show of bluebonnets we see most every year here in the Central Texas area. But only for a short period of time and then they’re all gone. β€œBluebell” is also the name of a famous ice creamery in Brenham, Texas and the ice cream is sold here in the USA under the same name.

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