Fay Slimm.





Humanity's endless chasms of class 
routs all avenues of society 
and do not in reality get less narrow.


Money the monarch still sits in state
with a smile on his busy
two-faceness which no virus shakes.


God save the small openings between
unscaleable walls through
which pilgrims can carefully squeeze.


The army against rift of divides face
ancient odds of mis-rule
yet it climbs on to establish change.


Tryers believe if they battle to widen
small gaps they may see
a land of begin-again on the horizon.


Class separation ever spreads chaos.



  • Neville

    this is one of those poems that should be written in to history....

    and your capture say's it all.. a great write dear Fay...…… Neville

    • Fay Slimm.

      Humble thanks Nev - - I thought it about time I posted on something that has always concerned my heart.

      • Neville

        Mine too... x

      • dusk arising

        I was brought-up old fashioned. Using money as a key to class acceptability was frowned upon according to mamma and papa as money could only achieve the status of nouveau riche and the accompanying lack of manners and etiquette was as evident as a claxon in a symphony orchestra.

        My own class status finds me financially poor but exceedingly well bred.

        Hovis in a Wonderloaf packet one might say.

        Love it or hate it 'class' exists. A minority choose to fight it but to what end i'm unsure. It is a battle which will not be won by fighting but interbreeding I think.

        • Fay Slimm.

          Yes good point made on interbreeding D.A. - - money will always talk as it pays for what it desires of course........... sincere thanks for sharing your thoughts on Chasms my friend.

          • dusk arising

            Money and class distinctions are not the same thing though. Joe the humble labourer winning millions on the eurolottery doesn't become upper class does he? Class isn't about money but has historically been associated with it. Look across the ocean at a certain very wealthy president.... would u call him upper class or brat?

          • orchidee

            Good write Fay.
            I know - we must all support Branson, never mind the poor! Doh!

          • germanamericanchurch

            We are but a bat colony that has gen golden custard hair at the helm - testing himself regularly - for an animal “thing” - he calls Chinese

          • myself and me

            A profound writing.

          • Goldfinch60

            It is always the way that those with the money do not want to give it away. Our daughter was dating a man who was a millionaire and she said that he was the meanest man she had ever known.

            The caption at the beginning says it all Fay.


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