Being True

A man must not care about being hurt.

A man must stand in his truth.

And take the meaning of his truth

As ineluctably good.


See me there crucified

There on the rack

There in the pit

With lions on my back.


I care only about that moment

You roused from slumber


Seeing me there arrived

Smiled sleepily and glad

Down to your little toes.

And shyly introduced

our child to me

(Some few days inside you)

And I did kiss your belly

And fall into your eyes.


So needful of me,


In my heart, in that moment,

I pledged myself forever

Unto you.

Come the cross,

the rack,

the pit and the beast.

Come the damnation of my soul and all.


Such a moment had a lifetimes worth of joy in it.

And the deepest peace I’ll ever know.

And in that depth foundations built

For all that I must stand.


E’en though you came to dig the pit

And became the beast


Even though you hammered

And screwed.


That moment had more depth than any you or I will ever know


Excepting only

that moment

you renounced it all


with a sneer,

to my face.


  • Goldfinch60

    Powerful emotive write Jabberwocky.


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