Poetic Dan

Wings expanded, so did my heart

As the wings expand so did my heart, only job is keep freedom on your path


Let nothing hold you down no not even me, a young adult coming to be


Keep truth on your tongue, be it bitter or sweet


Let all lesson in life, show you a reflection skin deep


For I know now to step back and let go of the past


Being so proud of us all for keeping love in our hearts


Remembering we can assume many future parts


We only ever exist in the moment of who we are


The rest are for memories sent into the stars


When my moments are done I'll be infinitely blessed with ours


  • Goldfinch60

    No matter what happens just ensure that you 'keep the porch light on' so that they know that you are always there for them.


    • Poetic Dan

      Absolutely, even in the dark light can shine.
      We just have to choose

    • dusk arising

      There are two much loved adolescents who will grow in the knowledge that their father loves them. That cannot be taken away. The years which come will see situations change and heartfelt feelings will rise when times are right. Time is a great healer and the coming together again after a period apart will strengthen the bond so much. For we all cry inside for unconditional love, a love which is always on your side...... that's the love in your soul you have for your son and daughters.

      • Poetic Dan

        Wow, always blessed to read the ripples that come back from you my friend.
        Always a pleasure!

      • myself and me

        Simply love this. "As the wings expand so did my heart, only job is keep freedom on your path"

        • Poetic Dan

          It keep repeating around in my head and drying up my tears to say I'm doing/done a good job...
          Always appreciated my friend

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