ron parrish aka wordman

Touch You,Touch Me

I have touched your soul

and you have touched mine

and we will be together alway`s

if only in our minds.

Two souls meeting in the night

two wrongs doesn't make a right

but our hearts locked

and our souls entwine.

We danced in the stars  

solace we can find

so forever we will always be

because i touched you

and you touched me ...



    ANGELA HERE - Good Sabbath Ron ! Thanks for brightening my Day with a Lovely Song *Love Me in the Morning* and an equally Lovely Poem ! WE have a great sense of touch - especially in our Finger Tips - our Lips and other Hidden Parts of our Bodies ! During LOCKDOWdue to COVID 19 - No Me Tocare - Do not touch me - Keep six feet Away - Which is most INHUMAN ! I am a PHYSIO & A Masseuse & I have Healing Hands. Sadly ~ This edict denies Me my Profession. Pray for a return to Normal Tactility asap - AMEN

    Blessings & Peace & Joy
    Love Angela & Brian 💛💛💛

  • ron parrish aka wordman

    thank you angela for the visit,my sister had healing hands,i guess just let the lord guide you

  • Goldfinch60

    Very good write ron, may that solace be forever with you.


  • orchidee

    Good write Ron. I adapted it - I put me hands on the ends of 2 metre broom-handles, to touch! heehee.

  • Bragee

    Unforgettable romantic touch that goes well beyond the fingertips.
    Great write!

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