mystic flower


Shall I be frightened?

Or shall I be scared?

Should I be terrorized?

Or should I panic?

Am I supposed to trust you?

Or I am to blame myself?

Was I too frank?

Had I not replied you,

things would have been different.


Yes I regret for

being too frank,

making it easy

for you to take the chance

I thought you were different

believing you,

i disclosed my self

No, it's not your fault

It is me for I am to be blamed

after all, my heart is the one

that feel a little abyssal is fine

Yes, I also know it was profound

I ought to stop it from going further

I should have denied

or I should have changed the topic.


For I am a female

who they suppose to think twice

before making friends

and yes being too frank

and expressing what I feel

because our society is too judgemental

that questions every act and step

of whom they've tagged as feminine!












  • Lena

    Loved it❤

  • Goldfinch60

    This is nothing to do with how you are or what your sexuality is, it is caused by other people who you meet who have no respect for others. Respect seems to have disappeared from our lives but when found it should be cherished.


    • mystic flower

      Indeed but there are two sides in every coin. But the best part is, discrimination and judgement based on the sexuality of the person is fading away. Respect will reappear soon after people understand the value of life and living . Let's hope for the best

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