Lost but found





I think too much on how I feel

always Shutting my eyes wishing it wasn’t real

I can feel the darkness looking for a way in

As it floods through the gates of my broken skin


I can feel It rush up and into my head

So many dark thoughts, did you hear what they said?

I think they said its time to go

I’m just shaking now, why is time so slow?


I can feel it trickle through my veins

I cant even begin to describe the pains

I think its going to kill me soon

Can I simply die under the grace of the moon?


I want to see the stars and Venus too

Because I really thought it’d be me and you..

But that doesn’t matter now

Its going to kill me, do you not know how?


I think its going to go for my heart

Go after what I love the most to rip me apart.

maybe ill choke, suffocate, drown.

i have enough monsters to hold me down


Maybe it’ll just stab me in the back

How many trust issues will spill through the crack

or Maybe it’ll strike me to the floor

just Sit me in a room and lock the door


trapped and alone forever I am locked

that’s what I thought till I heard you knocked

came in and said all doors can be unlocked too

i kept my eyes shut and cried thats not true


you took me in youre arms and said open youre eyes 

for look baby, were still outside. 


  • Author: M.M (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 21st, 2020 15:09
  • Comment from author about the poem: im so lost, a million demons trace my head. i push everyone away because its safer, So why is it when I am isolated Im in more danger?
  • Category: Sad
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