Fay Slimm

Crystaline Charm.



Crystaline Charm.

As soon as I caught its crystaline charm
I knew I must buy it.

Inside the shape
of blown-ball orb a serpentine vermiform
wrought light convolutions.

Paperweight spirals
snaked upward, black-gold art rendered
glass as wreathing tendrils
crafted in liquid
that transformed asp into fish then bird.
Meandering shapes
from sinuous kinks to wavering images
with silver-pearl eyes,
lithe curls revealed movement 
coiled as reptilian likeness
in congealed glass.

Entrapped in transparent artistic talent
sphere and myself exchange
mystic love of scintillation

Clearly bent on twisting
my senses its shape-shifter silhouettes 
ellipsed opalescence with desire
I could not resist.

As soon as I caught its crystaline charm
I knew I must buy it.


  • Neville

    a most magnificent artefact and tis clear in a mysteriously opaque way just how and why you were inspired to craft such a beautiful dedication … I have an ancient witches orb that hangs in my study window I never tire of, because it just wont let me....


    • Fay Slimm

      Yes I know how you feel - that paperweight still holds a central place in my core - - weird that some draw suddenly takes our heart away eh ? - - ---- thanking you loads for this interesting comment mon ami.

    • orchidee

      A fine write Fay.

    • Goldfinch60

      Beautiful write Fay, those paperweights can be fascinating in the way they draw you into them so that you seem to become part of them.
      I get a similar feeling with artworks and some of Michael Edwards abstract paintings pull me into them so that I seem to be part of them as well.



      GOOD EVENING FAY ~ Angela here ! I love GLASS PAPER WIEGHTS and have a small collection. I like the ones with spirals in. Glass is a Supercooled Liquid which is why it is transparent which is one of its chief qualities. Because he is a *Chemist* Brian has a collection of natural crytals. They are exhibied in our China Cabinet along with our Crystal Wine Glasses etc. There is space for up to 10 of my Paper Weights which I rotate ! Thanks for sharing a great Purchase in a perfect Picture & Poem.

      Blessings & Peace & Joy
      Love Angela & Brian & Smokey !
      Please check SMOKEY (III) ~ Thanks.

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