mystic flower

my bestfriend

Among the coterie,

you supported me through my ups and my downs

you were there holding my hands

not letting me fall neither letting me leave the ground

because you always knew

if I leave the ground flying high above will lose my value

as I will be on rush


you were my support, my motivation and inspiration

knowing me with all I have sometimes it feels like

you know me better than I am


but sometimes,

but sometimes I feel anxious

and depressed as well

and this question I ask myself

I don't want to accept

but yes it haunts me

every now and then

and it makes me think

Do I cognize you more than I pretend ??





  • Goldfinch60

    A good friend is one that care for you without judging you and your friend is like this, you may ponder on things you MAY not know about him but it seems to me he is always there for you.


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