Fay Slimm.





Unseen but to few we all glow as
bearers of colour,
borne by light's rays which daily
beam through to
the soul with what we are aware
of only barely
and known as our beautiful aura.


The inner eye once sighting rays
of hued brilliance 
never forgets the startling effect
colour has on that
mood -change part of the psyche.

Red stimulates, orange gives drive,
blue calms,
and yellow shades radiate healing 
while silver relaxes. 
Green gently rejuvenates the mind  
yet purple arouses
by unwinding inner-sensory vibes. 


Life scintillates to attract wholeness           
and what an impact
colour-power has on over- stressed
insides as it's force
ever advocates restyling composure. 


Nature cares to help

if we but choose  
to give colour a fair chance

by usage.


  • peto

    Your writing is always colourful Fay
    Unseen glows eh
    At least now I know why you went for purple hair a while back.
    Always a pleasure to read


    GOOD AFTERNOON FAY - HOLIDAY today - helping Brian to make the Garden - FOX PROOF for SMOKEY and SMOKEY PROOF for the BIRDS. Brian & I are both on our H & S Commitees @ work so we have to Practice what we Preach !
    Love the Colour Chart (can I use it in a Poem - Please ?) and the Poem ! My Profession as a Physio is concerned with improving my Clients Mobility & Self-esteem. Colour is important and Green is a very soothing colour for my Salon. Blue is a soothing colour for people to wear when they are in recovery - It was used by wounded ex-Servicemen. We all give out a Spiritual Aura as do Angels ! It is only when we are in complete Harmony (or Love !) with another Person that we can visulise their aura ! After a shower Brian radiates MAUVE and he says I radiate MAGENTA - AMEN !

    Blessings & Peace & Joy
    Love Angela - Brian & Smokey !
    Please check *LIFE IS LIKE A CROSSWORD* Thanks !

  • Goldfinch60

    The colours in life are so meaningful, they can bring every emotion.


  • The Uneducated O.A.P

    For some reason your lovely words sent me into Google, I wondered can you hear colour? I was surprised to see 4% of people on earth can, synesthesia, it's called, life's a funny old game. Stay sane, cause the worlds gone nuts, Bill

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