What is Silence?


Silence is snow falling outside your door

Turning the world into seamless white

Covering up all things ugly and impure

Quietly caressing the earth through the night


Silence is a mime telling stories without words

Using only features on his face recorded

He's understood perfectly though his voice isn't heard

By all that see him he's greatly adored


Silence is a window through which one can look

Seeing wondrous things, but not hearing a sound

Silence is also realized in an interesting book

Where exciting stories can always be found


Silence is sitting and thinking your thoughts

No one can know whether they're evil or good

But thoughts make up what your life has wrought

In your silent thoughts, try to think good



  • Goldfinch60

    Silence in life can be very valuable on many occasions and it can be so special at times.

    Welcome to MPS.

  • orchidee

    A fine write J. Silence is golden - when I'm not singing, that is! heehee.

    • jubshaw

      Thank you for reading and commenting.


      BRIAN HERE (on Lockdown !) Good Afternoon JUBSHAW - Welcome to MPS it is very intersting & interactive site which function s by reading (and commenting) on each others Poems. Thanks for your first poem - Well penned with a consistent Rhythm & Rhyme Pattern (abab cdcd etc) very recitable ! My Wife - Angela is Spanish and we have a Mantra *Silencio es d*Oro* implying that *Silence* is something of great value. Prior to Lockdown we lived in an increasingly cacophonous World ! The streets are a little quieter now and allow Natures *Sound of Silence* to filter through. I like your descripters : Snow - Mime - View through a closed Window - Meditation ! I wouls add Desert & High Hills & Arable Farmland ! Homes are seldom silent now with Radio - TV and now ALEXA ! We are too young (36 & 31) to remember the pre-electronic age and even Shops are now filled with MUSAK. Thanks for sharing

      Shalom ~ Brian & Angela & Smokey
      Please check our site - Thanks A & B

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