You gave me gifts that can't be bought 

Explaining how we lost the plot 

Would take more words than I have got 

Is nothing as it seems 


You brought some hope to where was none 

When orbiting my setting sun 

Then told me that our race was run 

Is nothing as it seems 


Immaculate your golden glow 

A light to blind and overthrow 

The darkness I had come to know 

Is nothing as it seems 


It came up short my very best 

Passed the exam but failed the test 

A cuckoo in your bustling nest 

Is nothing as it seems 


A heart that still has songs to sing 

Believes love conquers everything 

So one day you'll accept my ring 

Fulfilling all our dreams 





  • Neville

    seems to me you have successfully got back into writing my friend...

    well written and enjoyed…


    • peto

      Thanks very much Neville

      • Neville

        my pleasure my friend... write on


      • Goldfinch60

        May that dream come true Peto.


        • peto

          Maybe one day Andy
          Thank you

        • Samreen Chowdhury

          Well written Neville and a heart warming ending to it! keep up.

          • peto

            Thank you samreen


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