In  *Times of Need* ~ Where does our Help come from ?

The Majestic Mountains ~ Giants of Industry

Our Rulers & Elected Politicians

The Earth Orbiting Satellites ~ or Computers ?


NO NO NO ~  Our Help comes from The TRINITY

God the Father ~ Who Created us All 

God the Son ~ Who Saves us All ~ And

God the Holy Spirit ~ Who empowers & Guides us All !  


God helps us fight CORVID 19 ~ Put on your MASK

He see our Deeds ~ He knows our Needs ~ even before we ask 

WE crawl a Cracked & Broken Path ~ Destruction our Epitaph ?

NO ! God will bring us safely through this CRISIS & its AFTERMATH


Thanks for visit comments please - Love Angela & Brian 💛💛💛  

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  • Published: May 30th, 2020 05:31
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  • orchidee

    A fine write A&B.


      Thanks Uncle Steve ~ We all need encouragement for Witnessing to our Faith in God ~ AMEN

      Blessings to You & Faithful Fido
      Love in The Spirit A & B & SC !

      • orchidee

        Now, someone did not get the point. 'My help comes from the hills'. So they trusted in hills from that time onwards. Doh!

      • dusk arising

        Tell it to the families of the good christians who died, betrayed by your impotent 'omnipotent' god.
        Man created christianity and shaped it to his needs to create a power base to rule the minds of men. You gullibles are still hooked on it.
        Faith is all you've got. nothing tangible. But persistence keeps you blindy sold.

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          GOOD MORNING DA - ANGELA HERE ! WE are Physical Creatures and therefore subject to a single Birth - Life - Death - Cycle like the rest of the Animalia. Our *Life Span* may be 7 months - 7 years - 70 years or longer. depening on our Parents - Nature (Genetics) & Nurture (Environment). We cant blame God for How & Where & When we die ! Because I was born in the UK in 1988 - I have a longer life span (on average) than if I had been born in 1938. I would be DEAD or 82 !
          Because Brian & I enter into discussion & debate about God & Life & Death & Eternal Life in Heaven etc - It is good to have our Faith Challenged when we express it openly on MPS etc ! We were both raised in Chistian Families and saw the Value of the Christian Faith in our Parents Lives. When we came of age(14+) we made a decision to accept Christianity for ourselves and became practising Members of the Christian Church which has been a great help to us in our chosen professions and in our coice of a Life Partner. Being Christians helps us to live more fulfilled lives on Earth and also we have assurance of Eternal Life in Heaven ~ AMEN. So we have to be amicable and agree to differ ~ OK !

          Love - Peace & Joy
          Angela & Brain & Smokey !

          • dusk arising

            Cor you don't half type a load of twaddle just to say we agree to differ. But your partner does that all the time as if he were teaching a class of 9 year olds rather than posting poetry on a poetry site! LOL

          • Goldfinch60

            What a load of drivel, "He will deliver" well HE didn't deliver to Joyce or me. Where was this christian god that we both used to pray to when our need was greatest. JOyce prayed and sung his praise for more than seventy years yet when she needed him/it, him/it was not there. My christianity has gone from me and it is like a release within me has given me freedom.


            • ANGELA & BRIAN

              Good Morning Uncle Andy - Angela here - thank you for your comment. Christianity is a personal Faith and we weare always encouraged by you very Positive Relationship with Your Lovely Wife Joyce - on Earth - and your Spirit Relationship wih Her now as *A STAR in the HEAVENS* also your Assurance that - when your time comes - you will be reunited - as two Cellestial Stars Together - AMEN. You are older & more experienced than us so we lovingly accept your interpretation of events relative to Life & Death & Reunon of Loved Ones. Death doth HIDE but not DIVIDE ~ AMEN.

              Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
              Love Angela & Brian 💛💛💛💛💛

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