Thank You,Teacher

We teachers all on knowledge dine

And we unlock our students' minds.

So they can reach the path  divine

We really are a special kind.


We are mentors that prompt their yearning

Reading is a skill that we must impart.

So they can always read for learning.

A thirst for knowledge we should jumpstart.


We are like shepherds guiding sheep

Showing them how to take the right path.

Without our nurture, they would sadly creep

Through all the world unending wrath.


Yes, we teachers, turn the pages

Of a great many wonderful books.

Our training reaches down through the ages

We teach our pupils for wisdom to look.


Thank you, dear teacher, 

For all, you have done.

In a  world of so many

You are a special one.




    BRIAN HERE ~ Good Evening JUBSHAW - Thanks for your second Poem - Excellent in Structure & Subject ! It is true of Teachers of All Grades & Subjects - They play a special role in Our Lives because they open the *Doors of Learning & Opportunity* for us ! I am Head of Aplied Science in a Vocational College so all my studnts are 16+ Some are Full-time and some are Day-release ore ALL Literate - Numerate & IT~Literate and study Subjects & Skills they have chosen. My job is to Teach & Explain the importance of Science in understanding and Performing as An Engineer - Caterer - Hair & Beauty - Paramedic etc etc. As TEACHERS we know we are special to our Students just as they are Special to us ~ AMEN ! ANGELA is a Tutor in Physiotherapy !

    Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
    Love Angela - Brian & Smokey Cat !
    Please check *YESTERDAY* ~ alsoour FUSION
    *Science Fact or Science Fiction ~ Thanks A & B

  • jubshaw

    Thanks for your praise of my poetry.

  • Goldfinch60

    Teachers are so important in life, even in my dotage I can still recall the teachers that lead me to find the way to where I am now.


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