You matter to me and I matter to you

Your fight isn't my fight to fight
And my fight isn't yours
Your life isn't my life to live
And my life isn't yours
But as long as we can agree
That I matter to you
And you matter to me
Then we can see
Eachother as human beings
And begin to breathe
Underneath the weight of history
A past that we can't change
No we can't change history
I know thats a bitter pill indeed
But the mistakes of our ancestry
Wasn't the fault of you
Or the fault of me
No we don't have to accept
Any narrative if we don't agree
What makes me me
And what makes you you
Is a shared belief
In being free
To disagree
With love, respect and unity.
My fight isn't your fight to fight
And your fight isn't mine
But as long as we seek truth
And you matter to me
And I matter to you
Then we can choose
For the future of our youth
And begin to move.


  • Goldfinch60

    Very good write Ed and the line "With love, respect and unity." is so true for all in our lives.


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