dusk arising

in a place he wants to be



he wears a face
you'll never see
he keeps it hidden
deep on the inside

he's in a place
he wants to be
never welcoming
morning sunlight

         lost on the feet
         they took to war
         they took away
         what was it for

         he plays a game
         to never win
         but walks away
         not what he's here for

beneath the hat
a soldiers scar
you'll never see
his spirit died for

'cross the street
jack of spades
cries out the name
he lost his pride for

         he plays again
         and never wins
         just walked away
         is what he's here for

if you should meet
on dirty street
don't turn away
you're who he fought for


  • Goldfinch60

    So many just do not care for those who fought for us and the government is the worst culprit.


    • dusk arising

      Many very young men are truly soured by what they go through in war and do not trust society.

    • orchidee

      Good write dusk.

      • dusk arising

        I picture you as a war weary regimental sgt major with more medals in his drawer than cutlery.

        • orchidee

          Yes - and quite old too. I remember the Wars I was in - the Boer Wars I mean! (around 1900). A sort of 'classical' remembrance for being really old.

        • Fay Slimm.

          The tragedy is that these heroes among us never receive the respect they deserve - - thanks for this sad but fervent reminder D.A.

          • dusk arising

            I think many shun the establishment and its respect having done the dirty work and seen their brothers die for doing the dirty work of the establishment. They know they are an embarrassment to the establishment too.

          • Neville

            I rarely pop back here once I have done my all too infrequent rounds... glad I did today though.. this is a splendid poem dedicated I presume to all our ex-service men who deserve so much more than what they currently get...

            a poignant and perfectly penned poem indeed....


            • dusk arising

              Young men with rifles turned into desperate killers by warfare. A commodity of the establishment.

            • Unsub


              you see, sometimes you are the greatest poet on MPS, normally when I take a day off, but today this posting is spot on & perfect.



              • dusk arising

                I'm just disgusted with war and how the young men are ruined by it.

              • MendedFences27

                A great message for Vets of any era. Will their spirit live on in future generation? Seems lately it's all about ME, ME, ME.
                I liked your poem and its message of respect for those who served. - Phil A.

                • dusk arising

                  It' meant to be a reflection upon a torn mind residing inside what was a normal young man until he had to do the disgusting war thing for an establishment to which he is now an embarrassment.

                • Suresh

                  We recoil at the sight of the scars
                  Never realizing how they were earned
                  Would we be willing to pay the price
                  To earn those scars for our freedom

                  I am in tune with your words, so poetically expressed

                  • dusk arising

                    Most of us would not be prepared to earn those scars or don the uniform yet we disrespect the ones who do and are mentally harmed by it. There are so many issues around war which is disgusting in itself..... i just tried to bring something forth at this time of year when the heroism and tragedy of D-day comes before us again.

                  • Laura

                    dusk arising,

                    Reading your poem reminded me of a gentleman I met at a rehabilitation facility who was in the Vietnam War on behalf of his country. He survived the war and was rewarded with mental health disabilities and drug addiction!


                    • dusk arising

                      Thanks Laura. Its disgusting what we do to otherwise healthy young men when we expect them to goto war for our politicians. Most of us have no idea of what war is but those young men have no choices but to face it and deal with its horror. I spent some time homeless in the 1960's and met some homeless ex WW2 soldiers. They wouldnt talk about the war. I think too often they have had to do things which they are themselves disgusted with but have to live with it in their head.

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